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Video Performance
Video Performance
Video Performance

Thank you America!

04:12 min


I dream of it and think about it, since the moment of my self-awareness. It has dug deep into my subconscious. I saw it in my dreams, grew up with it. I had to relive it all over again, grasp my own thoughts, gather my own experiences. I was compelled to write my own personal history. Gradually, I became aware of my fears and faced some of them, while others eluded my perception.

It is the war. It is the American fighter jets, the bombing raids, the rockets, and explosions that shook our homes every night. It is the innocent blood, the physical and psychological damage, and the shattered childhood.

So, thank you, thank you, USA.


02:25 min


I let it out
I emptied my heart
Cried it all out
I purified it
Cleaned my soul
I was full of doubts
I got the sign
I saw the signal
Brighter than the sun
Shines more than venus
It's become clear
That's the proof
My heart shakes
My skin is numb
My bones became bendable
The time has come
It's became clear
I forgot who I am
I neglected this mass of meat, hair, bacteria and blood, that people call "my body"
I dazed
Forgot myself
Found my soul
My soul
My soul lives
My soul dreams
She repeats
I am a human
I am not a man
I am not a women 


07:20 min



How so?

How can it be that a person feels so constricted?

Why am I restricted and you are free?

Why am I pathetic in your eyes?

And how did I become someone I actually don't like?

My blood is full of mold.

As a young person I was fascinated by everything

Everything amazed me

Little things made me happy

I swear I was happy!

Now I am thoughtful, a daydreamer, a wonderer and confused

Sometimes here

Other times there

In the end,

I drink wine

Have you heard?

Do you know what the prophets and the people say?

Completed? Played.

But I don't know anyone who plays fun

All tired

Oh well

You know

I go up

I am going to leave

I will turn my face

Will look for solutions


I will just look for it

look at me

See me

I am obsessed


Stunned by the things I have no control over

Notice me

Look carefully

See me

I am looking for peace in everything

In search of the satisfaction of nature

Looking for closeness to animals

I focus on pleasing people

As well as the others I don't know

Look at me well

I'm looking for an anchor point

help me

You can't put out my fire

I'm looking for opportunities

Waiting for the time

That I’ll get to get over you

I'm waiting

For the time in which I get over myself


But I have to go now


At the end



Have to go

Away to

To my soul

Waiting for me in Wadi al-Salam

Nobody knows what it is like to be "me"

Nobody knows

Video Performance
Video Performance
Video Performance

Touch it, Smell it, Suck it

05:05 min


I was raised in a conservative Shia Muslim community in Baghdad where emotional expression was limited. Whenever community members faced difficulties in life or in holy ceremonies, they often resorted to tears as a means of coping. During such times, they would invite professional singers (Mullah/Mullahye) to their gatherings to perform religious hymns that spoke of the pain and suffering of the lost, lonely, and particularly of Imam Al-Hussein and his children.


I vividly recall how my mother and other relatives eagerly anticipated these events, longing for an opportunity to release their pent-up emotions. My mother would often express her desire for such gatherings, saying:


"I yearn for these occasions, where I can cry and engage in self-flagellation. I want to forget everything, all the lack of happiness, poorness, the ongoing war and all other family shit."


Despite the passing of over three decades, the memories of me being raped from my first ten years of life still remain vividly etched in my mind. Their haunting presence repeatedly plays in my head, causing me significant distress. These memories have had a profound impact on my teenage years and continue to affect my daily life.


They have left me with an unsettled outlook on life, making it also difficult for me to trust others. These traumatic experiences have also left me with a wounded soul, which may have contributed to the development of a permanent speech stutter and an unstable sense of identity.


In my perspective, identity is composed of a collection of experiences, memories, relationships, and beliefs. However, my own experiences have been fraught with pain, confusion, and disorientation, making it challenging for me to develop a stable and cohesive sense of self or identity.


To confront these challenges, I did this Performance-video with the goal of conveying the somber and melancholic memories of my childhood. As I reflect on my childhood Trauma, I empathize with the feeling of absolute helplessness my mother must have experienced. It seems that when faced with a problem that cannot be easily solved, crying becomes a natural response.

Video Performance
Video Performance
Video Performance

Childhood's Choir

01:57 min (Loop Video)


"Childhood's Choir" is a performance that explores my personal experience of growing up in Iraq during the turbulent period of the war in the 1990s and early 2000s. Through this portrayal, I highlight the profound impact that a disrupted childhood can have on an individual's growth and development, leading to a void that continues into adolescence and beyond.


The poignant and evocative nature of my artwork leaves an unsettling impression on my audience, illuminating the intricate interplay between personal experience and broader historical contexts.

The Square Circle

08:25 min (Loop Video)


Having been raised in a constrictive environment dominated by "cis-males", I was compelled to live a monotonous existence with no opportunity for creative expression. Reflecting on religious experiences from my homeland (Iraq), I search for a sense of certainty amidst the unrelenting uncertainty of my daily life. I am trapped in a repetitive cycle of existence, I long for the freedom to explore new possibilities and break free from the confines of tradition.

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