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Badr Kamoona Artist

Pursuing unostentatious human nature. That endless process started since our existence. Fluctuating on the edge of our continued thirst to find answers. Acknowledging the key to all our extraordinary achievements, represented in the first question, the one that is now may be forgotten, but its frequency still vibrates as our energy source. 

That search for unsolved problems is an open window, a sun, an oasis, or it is simply art. Art to make a change and raise the volume of the sexual orientation questions and the dilemma of sexual identity.

Badr Kamoona Artist
Badr Kamoona Artist

The biggest challenge wasn’t going in and out of the institution of religion or moving on to war trauma. It was, it is living the double, triple standard phenomenon.

We are all the same, as long as all men are circumcised.
We are all the same, as long as we’re all heteros.
We are all the same, as long as all men stay males.

No one could disagree, moving images is an effective communication tool. Yet, I try to explore others and keep on doing art through sketching, photography, videography, and performance. Each medium offers individual unique possibilities of its own.


It was never my goal.

I never would want to change anyone’s opinion.

Once you know about it, you might do it.

Present it.

Discuss it.

Live it.

Accept it.

Or just deal with it.

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