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April 2023

"Bring me another horizon" is an immersion into war. The controversial monument on Reeser Platz, Dusseldorf, becomes a stage set of contemporary wartime realities mediated by people with war experience. Participation is free of charge.

Considering the glorification of war, an adequate response becomes crucial. It aims to address how present war is in the world and how we can distance ourselves from it.

"Bring me another horizon" is a broad attempt to bring war and warlike conflicts closer to the reality of life for the general public. This is achieved through cooperation with individuals who have real experiences of war(s).

On 15.04.2023, I participated as an expert with The Manege Kollektiv and presented an art installation consisting of broken children's toys, sketches, spoken audio and a sound performance that reflects on my childhood trauma from the American wars in Iraq.


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