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Reflecting Realities - The Square Circle

March 2023

"Reflecting Realities" was a group exhibition featuring works by Rachel Petersen, Jacqueline Weihe with Marguerite Apostolidis, Fabio Nolting and Gwenda Kircher, Arthur Jungebloed, Jerome Klebs with Kevin Eckstein, and Niklas Strang. The exhibition was curated by Professor Rene Harder and showcased various forms of Performance Art, including Video Performances, Live Performances, Interactive Performances, and performance Video Clips.

In my video artwork The Square Circle, I addressed the conflict between my Iraqi cultural identity and my inner inclination as a homosexual. "At the age of five, I stole a doll belonging to my cousin and secretly dressed it in self-sewn clothes. My family punished me for it. To this day, I am searching for clarity and trying to respect my inner culture and inclinations. One question that still preoccupies me is how much religious experiences during my youth have influenced my self-perception of my own male body."


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