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IT, a small story about SEX

June 2022

The concept of the collective House of Pariah includes two videos, one soundtrack and various photos in different sizes, alongside other sound effects. The room in which the exhibition takes place is long and narrow. The two videos are each shown as a loop on a wall at the opposite end. The soundtracks are played from two different ends of the room as well. The photos are presented in Petersburg hanging pictures style between the videos.

This group exhibition is about different facets of sex and sexuality. In this work, the collective deals with sexuality as a spectrum. On this spectrum are the two points of sexual violence and physical acceptance, around which the entire installation revolves. To be able to reach as many people as possible, but at the same time to ensure the protection of everyone, a trigger warning is placed in front of the room, which prepares the visitor for possible trauma confrontations.

Through the use of different artistic media such as photography, video and sound, a protected space of thought could be created that invites both self-reflection and rethinking social views. In this “safe space of thinking”, the visitor should confront themselves with their own sexual experience in a protected manner. At the same time, there should also be a confrontation with gender-related questions and gender equality issues.


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