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September 2021

Together with my colleagues Anna Franzen, Elisa Gabelli and Andrew Frierich, we organized our first group exhibition in September 2021. The exhibition ran parallel to the open tour of Alanus University in Alfter Castle, Germany. We converted the theatre hall into an exhibition space. The room measures about 200 square meters with a stage at both ends that are painted black. Using studio lights, LED panels and projectors for lighting to showcase our work.

The main goal was to incorporate the theatrical character of the room into our presentation and avoid the traditional way of hanging photographs on the wall. Rather, we have considered various presentation methods, which in one way or another are more reminiscent of performance in the theatre than a classic visit to a museum or an art gallery. Many pictures hung freely in the room – almost seemed to float, the projected patterns of two silhouettes formed a stage-like backdrop and the video beamed onto the floor invited one to immerse oneself in the painted world.


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